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Exceptional childcare in the heart of Tunbridge Wells – Awarded the Kent Quality Mark in July 2014

Little Rascals Nursery (EY481702) & Little Rascals Pre-school (EY419935)

Little Rascals Nurseries consists of two Ofsted registered nurseries, created by three local parents Felicity, Rob and Esther: “We had struggled with the quality and availability of childcare in Tunbridge Wells ourselves and because of these experiences decided to create an exceptional new nursery encompassing our values as local working parents. We opened in June 2011 and from the outset wanted to create a wonderful inclusive nursery with a highly qualified and nurturing staff team, great facilities, all in an accessible location for parents. Due to the amazing popularity of our first nursery, we opened our second setting in September 2014, so that we could accomodate the high demand for places and continue providing a great service for all our children and their families. Both our settings are just five minutes walk from Tunbridge Wells train station, in the centre of town. We are open from 7:30am until 6:30pm all year round. We have large gardens accessible by all the children throughout the day and the children often go out for walks to parks and access activities in the local community.

“We are very proud of everything we have achieved, especially considering we are still a relatively new organisation. We were awarded the Kent Quality Mark in the summer of 2014 for our outdoor learning environment, which was the culmination of lots of hard work and research by our practitioners and leadership team. We still have so much we want to achieve and we feel that Little Rascals is very special, we are very proud of our wonderful team of staff and what we have achieved together. The best bit is to see the children thriving and happy 🙂 Many parents seem to agree as the majority of our places are filled through positive recommendations from parents of children that already attend Little Rascals!”

Have a look at our recent Ofsted Report http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/EY419935


01892 313 245 (nursery)
01892 313 244 (pre-school)


What's happening at Little Rascals this Autumn?

Pre-school Trip!

Our older Pre-school children enjoyed a wonderful trip to Blackberry Farm this week! They all had a lovely time visiting all the animals and they even had a ride on a tractor! Thank you so much to the mums and dads who came along to help!

Pre-school Graduation!

We have our first Pre-school leavers Graduation on Friday 15th July! We will be very sad to say goodbye but wish you all well with your wonderful adventures at big school!  

What our parents say…

[Child's name] stands by the door and wants to leave saying 'wanna go nursery' every morning. It's a huge relief but I believe that it's down to the fact that Little Rascals has the nicest staff and most lovely atmosphere. I'm extremely glad that we chose it. [October 2015].

Little Rascals has definitely helped us feel part of the community. We have made friends with the other parents and our son regularly has play dates outside of nursery with some of the other children. [October 2015]

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Little Rascals was an obvious choice as a nursery for our son. The outside space is brilliant and there is always so much going on - the staff are very creative with the activities for the children and there is a careful balance between structured and free play. Our son has been very happy here and we've enjoyed watching him develop into a confident, chatty three year old.

We continue to be extremely happy with the care [our child] is getting - and she is obviously thriving. Thank you!

With the added space the nursery is just fantastic. We only have positive things to say about it and would love to take this opportunity to thank the outstanding staff for all the love and care they have given [my child]. He has been so happy from his first day. Thank you.

We have seen such a change in [our child] over the past year. Her confidence and learning have increased so much...We couldn't be happier with the care and attention she receives. Keep up the good work.

It's a great building, convenient location, caring and professional.

Great opening hours, warm friendly staff, accommodating and supportive of parents, good range of activities, well balanced varied diet, good communication, secure premises, staff are observant and sensitive to the individual child's needs. The best advertisement for Little Rascals is that [my child] is clearly flourishing there.

We have a great deal of visibility of what our son is up to each day - we particularly enjoy the daily photos of his activities and the weekly email about what the children are up to is very informative.


Meet our nursery coordinators!

Sarah and Pippa are in charge of the day to day running of our settings.  Sarah has a B.A (hons) Degree in Early Years and has Early Years Professional Status and Pippa has a B.A. Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies and Early Years Teacher Status.

Sarah and Pippa are always available to help you with any queries about your child’s learning and development at Little Rascals.

Contact details:

Sarah Cramp – Setting Manager – Nursery, Little Rascals Nursery – 01892 313245, sarah@littlerascals.org.uk

Pippa Ashenden – Setting Manager – Pre-school, Little Rascals Pre-school – 01892 313244, pippa@littlerascals.org.uk

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